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Company regulations and Terms of use


The regulations are written in the masculine language for convenience and apply to both genders. Please read the terms of use carefully.

The website ( contains a catalog / online store for purchasing services, and the terms of use apply when using or purchasing products on the website.

The site, and any service provided through it, including design, content, trademarks, content, systems and algorithms, are protected under copyright laws and through intellectual property rights.

Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or use in any other way the contents appearing on the website.

Using and purchasing services on the website constitutes your agreement to the terms of use, in which you undertake that you or anyone on your behalf will not have any claim or demand against the website

The terms of use written in these regulations are the only rules that will bind the business owners and operators of the site, towards the users of the site's services.

Please note that the terms of use may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the website operators and without the need for notice.
Note: The changes will apply to products/services purchased after the change only.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you are asked not to register on the site or place orders.

The unique and exclusive place of jurisdiction for any matter arising from the use of the website is exclusively in the competent courts in Tel Aviv and the use of the website will be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Israel.


Use of the site

The user of the site must be 18 years of age or older, provided that he is legally kosher.

The user must live in Israel and hold an Israeli ID card, and must also hold a valid credit card issued in Israel.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to keep the password and username for the site confidential.

The user must not open an account for any third party without his express consent.

The user will not use details and passwords of other users against the law.

The user disclaims responsibility from the website, in any matter of technical malfunction/disruption/downfall of the website, including malfunctions that may be caused by a third party that provides storage services, software, communication lines and/or any additional service.

The user removes responsibility from the company, in any matter of attacks and hacking attempts by various parties to the website, communication networks, computers and servers.

The company employs a number of security measures in order to maintain the privacy of the information entered by the users on the site, however it is important to know that this cannot be guaranteed completely and security breaches and infiltration of the information may occur.

The company does not guarantee that the services and information on the website or on the third party servers that store them, will be absolutely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.

By browsing the website, registering and uploading content and/or information, the user releases the company and/or anyone on their behalf from responsibility for any damage that may be caused to him and/or anyone on his behalf due to attacks, hacking attempts and penetration of such information and waives any claim against the company and/or anyone on his behalf in connection for that.

The company may at any given moment and at its sole discretion and without the need for notification, remove any content/comment posted by a user on the site, including deletion/suspension of the user.

Some of the messages and publications sent to you may contain "cookies" such as "identification cookies" on your browser.

The company does not save the credit card details of the users on the business servers or anywhere else.

The site serves as an intermediary between third-party suppliers - manufacturers, wholesalers, and various factories from around the world, and customers who use the site's services and/or order product(s) through the site (hereinafter: "the user") of products for the purpose of personal and non-commercial importation.

Users who purchase products/services through the website/company are also subject to the terms of use of the partners.

Every order on the site is subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Every user of the site is required to check the costs of taxation, customs, VAT and other costs before placing an order. For more information, for your convenience, there is a link to the Tax Authority's website, by clicking on the link


Contact / order through the website:

The price of each service will be shown, when the price does not include value added tax (VAT) unless otherwise stated. However, the operator may change the price of any service at any time and at its sole discretion without the user having any claims against it. It will be clarified that the deadline The determining factor regarding the price of the product is the date of confirmation of the order by the orderer and not the date of adding it to the shopping basket.

The company is not the manufacturer of the products sold on the site.
Although we work to ensure that the product information on our website is accurate,
Manufacturers may not accurately or change the information they decide to list on the product page.
The product packaging and materials may include additional or different information from the information shown on the product pages on the website.
For medical products or with medical consequences - the content on our website is not used for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any medical or other problem.
The information does not replace medical advice and we recommend consulting a doctor or qualified professional before using any product that comes into contact with the body.
You should always read the information, warnings and instructions attached to the product before using it and not rely solely on the information found on our website.
If you feel that one or more of the products you have been exposed to on the site is offensive, misleading or illegal, we invite you to contact us so that we can address the issue as soon as possible.

All the information presented on the site regarding products, including their nature and quality, was received directly from the partners.
A user of the website, removes from the company responsibility regarding inaccuracies/mismatches in the details displayed on the website in relation to the products, including images and product specifications displayed on the sales pages, etc.

When ordering on the website, the user must enter his details (such as: full name, current residential address, phone number, active email address and any additional information required to place the order).

After that, some of the entered details will be transferred to the partners, in order to make the delivery. Therefore, it is very important to fill in accurate and correct details.
Note: Orders can be made to residential addresses within the State of Israel only.

Up to 48 hours from the date of placing the order, the user will receive a message / e-mail confirming the order, this order confirmation is a final and absolute confirmation.

If a product you ordered is not in stock, or if for one reason or another the supplier is unable to deliver the product, you will be offered the option of receiving a replacement product or canceling the deal.

If you decide to cancel - A full credit will be made to your credit card.
Note: With the exception of receiving a replacement product or canceling the aforementioned transaction, you will not have any claim, claim and/or demand against the company.

The time until receiving the money through the means of payment can sometimes be delayed due to external factors and may be delayed up to 45 business days.

After placing an order, you will be automatically registered in the website's electronic mailing system.
The registration is necessary in order to update the registrant or the buyer on the stages of processing the order, including sending invoices, confirming the order, tracking shipments, etc.

Also, registering for electronic mail will allow the company's website and staff to send advertising and marketing information. We undertake not to transfer the registration details to any other company.

You can unsubscribe from marketing e-mails by clicking on a link found in every marketing message sent to you. It is not possible to disconnect from the system of notifications about the status of the order and deliveries.

The site is not responsible for the quality of the products, delivery times (including delays arising from various factors) or late delivery and any damage caused to the customer as a result.


Limitation of Liability

The images that appear on the website / sent to the customer are for illustration purposes only. There may be color differences and other changes between the appearance of the product in the picture and the product in reality.

The business will not be responsible for pen errors in the specifications and technical details of each and every product. It is agreed that the customer or a third party hereby waives any claim and/or claim for the aforementioned pen error.

The responsibility for all the products offered on the site applies to the manufacturers and suppliers only.

It is hereby agreed that any delay or failure to deliver a product purchased on the site due to force majeure including unusual weather, strikes at the various service providers or unexpected disruptions in the site's computer will not obligate the business, and the customer or anyone on his behalf or a third party hereby waives any claim and / or a lawsuit because of it.

B. Additional conditions

The business and the administrators of the site will not bear direct or indirect responsibility towards the orderer or towards a third party in any case of failure of the order or delivery due to force majeure including malfunctions in the computer system, the telephone, due to the credit companies or due to any other factor related to the completion of the purchase and delivery operation.

It is hereby agreed that ordering and purchasing through the website is not and will not constitute a contract for the benefit of another third party.

The business reserves the right to change the regulations from time to time at its discretion.

Any information and/or content or images that appear on the website, including graphics, design, trademarks, logos, including their editing and how they are presented on the website, are the sole property of the website or business.



Shipping time usually takes up to 14 business days. from the date of sending the product.

Delivery to the customer's home works in a limited number of localities, so the deliveries will arrive at a collection point (including post offices).
From the moment of the order, the shipping time available to the company is 5 business days.
In some cases there may be delays or unexpected changes, such as delays on the part of Israel Post, the shipping companies or the various factors in the process.

The latest date for the delivery of the product(s) is a maximum of 35 business days from the date of sending the product.
In this case, contact customer service, and we will give you your choice of a full refund or a resend.
The orders are sent directly from the supplier abroad.
When ordering more than one product, the products may be sent in separate packages.


Ordering the products

In order to purchase products on the site, you must select products from those displayed on the site and add them to the shopping cart. After that, you must go to the payment page on the website, where you must fill in several details, including a current e-mail address, address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information. If the shipment is addressed to someone other than the buyer, the recipient's full address and phone number must be specified. These details are required for delivery coordination. All details provided on the website during the purchase process are secured with the latest technology. After the completion of the order, a confirmation of receipt of the order will be sent to the e-mail box provided by the buyer. An order and purchase will be considered complete only if a purchase confirmation has been received from the credit company. If the business was not able to deliver the product, there will be no obligation for the business to deliver the product. In this case, an appropriate message will be sent to the orderer to the e-mail box he provided.

If a product is out of stock without indicating that the product is not in stock, and the product appears on the website at the time of placing the order, the customer will not have any claim and/or claim in this regard for any direct or indirect damage caused to the customer or a third party.

Providing false personal details related to the purchase process is a criminal offense and a civil misdemeanor, in the event of an inadvertent mistake, the customer must notify the business and any additional cost incurred as a result will be charged to the customer.

Delivery of information on a secure site with the most advanced PCI technology, with this technology the information regarding the buyer's billing details is encrypted and deleted immediately after the purchase. In addition, the business undertakes to take acceptable precautions in order to keep as confidential as possible personal information about the customer.

B. Supply and delivery

After the completion of the order and if the conditions specified in Chapter B are met, the products will be ordered personally and specially for the buyer from the manufacturer abroad, who will deliver the products to her doorstep and/or the nearest distribution point, within 40 business days.

The site team will work to deliver the purchased product as quickly as possible, in accordance with the conditions detailed on the site's shipping page and the possibility chosen by the orderer. It is hereby clarified and agreed that the business has no control over the exact delivery dates of the delivery service and has no responsibility for it.

In any case of a delay in the delivery of the product, the buyer is obligated to immediately notify the delay in order to give the business the opportunity to try to solve the problem as early and efficiently as possible.


Business days - normal days, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, days with holiday eves, and holidays

Product return policy

If you received a damaged product (a product that arrived damaged and not a product that was damaged due to its use) -
You can exchange it for a working product or return it and cancel the purchase in a few simple steps. In some cases we will solve the problem for you, even without the need to return the product. In order for us to address the issue and provide a solution, we will ask you to attach photographs illustrating the defects in the product with a description of the fault.

If the reason for the cancellation is without defect -
A cancellation fee of 5% of the value of the transaction or NIS 100, whichever is lower, will be charged. Also, in credit card transactions there is an additional cancellation fee from the credit card company.

The return of the product is possible within 14 days from the day of receipt of the product subject to the provisions of the consumer protection law.
As indicated in the full law in the attached link

In order to avoid discomfort, we would like to make sure that the product has not been damaged as a result of use and that it has not been used in any way (it is clarified that connection to electricity, gas and water will be considered to be used)
Returning the product in its original packaging indicates that the product has not been used (subject to our inspection)

When returning the product, please make sure that the product is returned in its entirety with all the accessories that came with the product.
The credit will be made after the inspection of the product, within a period not exceeding 7 business days from the day it was collected by us.

The return is possible by registered mail only with a tracking number, through an Israel Post branch.

A transaction can be canceled for any reason within 14 days from the date of receiving the product. If you want to cancel a product after it has been sent, you must wait for it to be received and send it back to the supplier's warehouse in China or directly to our offices in Israel, in coordination with our customer service on WhatsApp or by email (you must contact us to coordinate the the return (

The costs of shipping the products to the site's shipping center will be applied to the buyer.

For these products that are returned as mentioned, a full monetary credit will be given, minus the shipping costs. If the business incurs additional costs, such as cancellation fees to the credit company, these costs will be deducted from the credit amount that will be available to the customer. The credit will be given to the credit card used to pay for the purchase.

Despite the above, products for which it will be indicated on the website that they cannot be returned, such return will not be possible. These products include, for example, customized products and special delivery products.

A full refund will be sent after the customer sends the product back to the factory in China.

In any case where there is a discrepancy between the website's policy and the Consumer Protection Law, the provisions of the law will prevail over the website's policy.

The product return policy varies from product to product, depending on the variety of different partners and suppliers.

It is the responsibility of the person making the order to notify immediately, at most up to 5 business days, of receiving a damaged product/a product that does not match the order.

The company will manage the engagement with the partners for the user, and will act in accordance with their policies, but it is not responsible for monetary credit or compensation for the buyer.

In the event of a product return, it is the responsibility of the person ordering the product to send the product back to the destination address from which it was sent, and bear the shipping costs or any additional cost required to return the product.

In a credit card transaction (as opposed to a "PayPal" transaction) - in addition to the cancellation fees set by law, you will be charged an additional 'transaction cancellation fee' which is charged by the Israchart credit company.


Product / service order cancellation policy

The Consumer Protection Law allows the customer of a distance selling transaction to cancel the transaction within 14 days from the day of receiving the product, or from the date of receiving the details of the transaction - whichever is later, and incurring a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction or 100 NIS - whichever is lower.

Protection of your purchase from the time of ordering until the product is shipped:

If a request to cancel an order is sent, and the product has not yet been shipped, the company will issue a monetary credit that includes transaction cancellation fees.

If the product has already been shipped, the customer will have to wait until the product arrives, and return it in accordance with the product return policy.

Many times the product has been shipped, but its tracking number has not yet been updated in the system.
Therefore, the fact that the tracking number has not yet been updated should not be taken as evidence that the product has not yet been shipped.

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