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​All the parts in one place!


​All spare parts

A variety of spare parts and engines for all types of vehicles

Based on your chassis number!

Parts in new condition

​Send us the VIN of your vehicle for maximum compatibility!

​All the parts arrive in new / refurbished condition!

​Personal import for every part you are looking for!

Don't look far, in our neighborhood you can find everything! Leave us details and we will find you the part you want!

קבצים ופרטים נוספים
רישיון רכב

We will be in touch

Who are we?

It's time to find all the spare parts you need in a simple and easy way with CITY OF PARTS.
We offer the widest range of spare parts with fair, safe and reliable prices. If you are looking for engines, gears, dashboards, tires and straps, mirrors and a wide variety of other parts - we are here to provide you with all the help and support you need in the stages of finding the parts.
Our neighborhood has everything.

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